Text symbols

The pygmt.Figure.plot method allows to plot text symbols. Text is normally placed with the pygmt.Figure.text method but there are times we wish to treat a character or even a string as a plottable symbol. A text symbol can be drawn by passing lsize+tstring to the style parameter where size defines the size of the text symbol (note: the size is only approximate; no individual scaling is done for different characters) and string can be a letter or a text string (less than 256 characters). Optionally, you can append +ffont to select a particular font [Default is FONT_ANNOT_PRIMARY] as well as +jjustify to change the justification [Default is CM]. Outline and fill color of the text symbols can be customized via the pen and color parameters, respectively.

For all supported octal codes and fonts see the GMT cookbook https://docs.generic-mapping-tools.org/latest/cookbook/octal-codes.html and https://docs.generic-mapping-tools.org/latest/cookbook/postscript-fonts.html.

text symbols


<IPython.core.display.Image object>

import pygmt

fig = pygmt.Figure()

fig.basemap(region=[0, 8, 0, 3], projection="X12c/4c", frame=True)

pen = "1.5p"
# plot an uppercase "A" of size 3.5c, color fill is set to "dodgerblue3"
fig.plot(x=1, y=1.5, style="l3.5c+tA", color="dodgerblue3", pen=pen)
# plot an "asterisk" of size 3.5c, color fill is set to "red3"
fig.plot(x=2.5, y=1, style="l3.5c+t*", color="red3", pen=pen)
# plot an uppercase "Z" of size 3.5c and use the "Courier-Bold" font,
# color fill is set to "seagreen"
fig.plot(x=4, y=1.5, style="l3.5c+tZ+fCourier-Bold", color="seagreen", pen=pen)
# plot a lowercase "s" of size 3.5c and use the "Times-Italic" font,
# color fill is set to "gold"
fig.plot(x=5.5, y=1.5, style="l3.5c+ts+fTimes-Italic", color="gold", pen=pen)
# plot the pi symbol (\160 is octal code for pi) of size 3.5c, for this use
# the "Symbol" font, color fill is set to "magenta4"
fig.plot(x=7, y=1.5, style="l3.5c+t\160+fSymbol", color="magenta4", pen=pen)


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