Figure.timestamp(text=None, label=None, justification='BL', offset=('-54p', '-54p'), font='Helvetica,black', timefmt='%Y %b %d %H:%M:%S')

Plot the GMT timestamp logo.

Add the GMT timestamp logo with an optional label at the bottom-left corner of a plot with an offset of ("-54p", "-54p"). The timestamp will be in the locale set by the environment variable TZ (generally local time but can be changed via os.environ["TZ"]) and its format is controlled by the timefmt parameter. It can also be replaced with any custom text string using the text parameter.

  • text (None or str) – If None, the current UNIX timestamp is shown in the GMT timestamp logo. Set this parameter to replace the UNIX timestamp with a custom text string instead. The text must be no longer than 64 characters.

  • label (None or str) – The text string shown after the GMT timestamp logo.

  • justification (str) – Justification of the timestamp box relative to the plot’s bottom-left corner (i.e., the plot origin). The justification is a two-character code that is a combination of a horizontal (L(eft), C(enter), or R(ight)) and a vertical (T(op), M(iddle), or B(ottom)) code. For example, justification="TL" means choosing the Top Left point of the timestamp as the anchor point.

  • offset (str or tuple) – offset or (offset_x, offset_y). Offset the anchor point of the timestamp box by offset_x and offset_y. If a single value offset is given, offset_y = offset_x = offset.

  • font (str) – Font of the timestamp and the optional label. Since the GMT logo has a fixed height, the font sizes are fixed to be 8-point for the timestamp and 7-point for the label. The parameter can’t change the font color for GMT<=6.4.0, only the font style.

  • timefmt (str) – Format string for the UNIX timestamp. The format string is parsed by the C function strftime, so that virtually any text can be used (even not containing any time information).


>>> # Plot the GMT timestamp logo.
>>> import pygmt
>>> fig = pygmt.Figure()
>>> fig.timestamp()
>>> # Plot the GMT timestamp logo with a custom label.
>>> fig = pygmt.Figure()
>>> fig.timestamp(label="Powered by PyGMT")

Examples using pygmt.Figure.timestamp