pygmt.load_dataarray(filename_or_obj, **kwargs)[source]

Open, load into memory, and close a DataArray from a file or file-like object containing a single data variable.

This is a thin wrapper around xarray.open_dataarray. It differs from xarray.open_dataarray in that it loads the DataArray into memory, gets GMT specific metadata about the grid via GMTDataArrayAccessor, closes the file, and returns the DataArray. In contrast, xarray.open_dataarray keeps the file handle open and lazy loads its contents. All parameters are passed directly to xarray.open_dataarray. See that documentation for further details.


filename_or_obj (str or pathlib.Path or file-like or DataStore) – Strings and Path objects are interpreted as a path to a netCDF file or an OpenDAP URL and opened with python-netCDF4, unless the filename ends with .gz, in which case the file is gunzipped and opened with (only netCDF3 supported). Byte-strings or file-like objects are opened by (netCDF3) or h5py (netCDF4/HDF).


datarray (xarray.DataArray) – The newly created DataArray.