Cartesian linear

Xwidth[/height] or xx-scale[/y-scale]

Give the width of the figure and the optional height. The lower-case version x is similar to X but expects an x-scale and an optional y-scale.

The Cartesian linear projection is primarily designed for regular floating point data. To plot geographical data in a linear projection, see the upstream GMT documentation Geographic coordinates. To make the linear plot using calendar date/time as input coordinates, see the GMT documentation Calendar time coordinates.

cartesian linear
import pygmt

fig = pygmt.Figure()
    # The x and y parameters determine the coordinates of lines
    x=[3, 9, 2],
    y=[4, 9, 37],
    # The region parameter sets the x and y ranges of the
    # Cartesian projection
    region=[0, 10, 0, 50],
    # "WSne" is passed to the frame parameter to put annotations
    # only on the left and bottom axes
    frame=["af", "WSne"],

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