PyGMT Team

We are an international team dedicated to building a Pythonic API for the Generic Mapping Tools (GMT).

All are welcome to become involved with the PyGMT project! For more information about how to get involved, see the Contributors Guide.

Distinguished Contributors are recognized for their substantial contributions to PyGMT, which may include code, documentation, pull request review, triaging, forum responses, community building and engagement, outreach, and inclusion and diversity. Maintainers are recognized for their responsibilities in maintaining the project, as detailed in the Maintainers Guide.

New Distinguished Contributors and Active Maintainers are selected and voted by current Active Maintainers before each release. Maintainers that are inactive for more than one year will be moved to Distinguished Contributors.


Leonardo Uieda


Paul Wessel


Active Maintainers

Dongdong Tian


Wei Ji Leong


Michael Grund


Will Schlitzer


Yvonne Fröhlich


Distinguished Contributors

Max Jones


Jiayuan Yao


Liam Toney