This pseudo-cylindrical, equal-area projection was developed by the German mathematician and astronomer Karl Brandan Mollweide in 1805. Parallels are unequally spaced straight lines with the meridians being equally spaced elliptical arcs. The scale is only true along latitudes 40°44’ north and south. The projection is used mainly for global maps showing data distributions. It is occasionally referenced under the name homalographic projection.

w[lon0/]scale or W[lon0/]width

The projection is set with w or W. The central meridian is set with the optional lon0, and the figure size is set with scale or width.

misc mollweide
<IPython.core.display.Image object>

import pygmt

fig = pygmt.Figure()
# Use region "d" to specify global region (-180/180/-90/90)
fig.coast(region="d", projection="W12c", land="tomato1", water="skyblue", frame="ag")

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