Source code for pygmt._show_versions

Utility methods to print system info for debugging.

Adapted from :func:`rioxarray.show_versions` and :func:`pandas.show_versions`.

import importlib
import platform
import shutil
import sys
from importlib.metadata import version

# Get semantic version through setuptools-scm
__version__ = f'v{version("pygmt")}'  # e.g. v0.1.2.dev3+g0ab3cd78
__commit__ = __version__.split("+g")[-1] if "+g" in __version__ else ""  # 0ab3cd78

def _get_clib_info() -> dict:
    Return information about the GMT shared library.
    from pygmt.clib import Session

    with Session() as ses:

def _get_module_version(modname: str) -> str | None:
    Get version information of a Python module.
        if modname in sys.modules:
            module = sys.modules[modname]
            module = importlib.import_module(modname)

            return module.__version__
        except AttributeError:
            return module.version
    except ImportError:
        return None

def _get_ghostscript_version() -> str | None:
    Get Ghostscript version.
    import subprocess

    match sys.platform:
        case "linux" | "darwin":
            cmds = ["gs"]
        case os_name if os_name.startswith("freebsd"):
            cmds = ["gs"]
        case "win32":
            cmds = ["gswin64c.exe", "gswin32c.exe"]
        case _:
            return None

    for gs_cmd in cmds:
        if (gsfullpath := shutil.which(gs_cmd)) is not None:
            return subprocess.check_output(
                [gsfullpath, "--version"], universal_newlines=True
    return None

def _check_ghostscript_version(gs_version: str) -> str | None:
    Check if the Ghostscript version is compatible with GMT versions.
    from packaging.version import Version

    match Version(gs_version):
        case v if v < Version("9.53"):
            return (
                f"Ghostscript v{gs_version} is too old and may have serious bugs. "
                "Please consider upgrading your Ghostscript."
        case v if Version("10.00") <= v < Version("10.02"):
            return (
                f"Ghostscript v{gs_version} has known bugs. "
                "Please consider upgrading to version v10.02 or later."
        case v if v >= Version("10.02"):
            from pygmt.clib import __gmt_version__

            if Version(__gmt_version__) < Version("6.5.0"):
                return (
                    f"GMT v{__gmt_version__} doesn't support Ghostscript "
                    f"v{gs_version}. Please consider upgrading to GMT>=6.5.0 or "
                    "downgrading to Ghostscript v9.56."
    return None

[docs] def show_versions(file=sys.stdout): """ Print various dependency versions which are useful when submitting bug reports. This includes information about: - PyGMT itself - System information (Python version, Operating System) - Core dependency versions (NumPy, Pandas, Xarray, etc) - GMT library information It also warns users if the installed Ghostscript version has serious bugs or is incompatible with the installed GMT version. """ from packaging.requirements import Requirement sys_info = { "python": sys.version.replace("\n", " "), "executable": sys.executable, "machine": platform.platform(), } deps = [Requirement(v).name for v in importlib.metadata.requires("pygmt")] gs_version = _get_ghostscript_version() lines = [] lines.append("PyGMT information:") lines.append(f" version: {__version__}") lines.append("System information:") lines.extend([f" {key}: {val}" for key, val in sys_info.items()]) lines.append("Dependency information:") lines.extend([f" {modname}: {_get_module_version(modname)}" for modname in deps]) lines.append(f" ghostscript: {gs_version}") lines.append("GMT library information:") lines.extend([f" {key}: {val}" for key, val in _get_clib_info().items()]) if warnmsg := _check_ghostscript_version(gs_version): lines.append("WARNING:") lines.append(f" {warnmsg}") print("\n".join(lines), file=file)