Session.get_libgmt_func(name, argtypes=None, restype=None)[source]

Get a ctypes function from the libgmt shared library.

Assigns the argument and return type conversions for the function.

Use this method to access a C function from libgmt.

  • name (str) – The name of the GMT API function.

  • argtypes (list) – List of ctypes types used to convert the Python input arguments for the API function.

  • restype (ctypes type) – The ctypes type used to convert the input returned by the function into a Python type.


function – The GMT API function.


>>> from ctypes import c_void_p, c_int
>>> with Session() as lib:
...     func = lib.get_libgmt_func(
...         "GMT_Destroy_Session", argtypes=[c_void_p], restype=c_int
...     )
>>> type(func)
<class 'ctypes.CDLL.__init__.<locals>._FuncPtr'>