Azimuthal Equidistant

The main advantage of this projection is that distances from the projection center are displayed in correct proportions. Also directions measured from the projection center are correct. It is very useful for a global view on locations that lie within a certain distance or for comparing distances of different locations relative to the projection center.

elon0/lat0[/horizon]/scale or Elon0/lat0[/horizon]/width

The projection type is set with e or E. lon0/lat0 specifies the projection center, and the optional parameter horizon specifies the maximum distance to the projection center (i.e. the visible portion of the rest of the world map) in degrees <= 180° (default 180°). The size of the figure is set by scale or width.

azim equidistant


coast [WARNING]: Fill/clip continent option (-G) may not work for this projection.
coast [WARNING]: If the antipode (260/90) is in the ocean then chances are good it will work.
coast [WARNING]: Otherwise, avoid projection center coordinates that are exact multiples of 80 degrees.
<IPython.core.display.Image object>

import pygmt

fig = pygmt.Figure()
fig.coast(projection="E-100/40/15c", region="g", frame="g", land="gray")

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