Political BoundariesΒΆ

The borders argument of pygmt.Figure.coast specifies levels of political boundaries to plot and the pen used to draw them. Choose from the list of boundaries below:

  • 1 = National boundaries

  • 2 = State boundaries within the Americas

  • 3 = Marine boundaries

  • a = All boundaries (1-3)

For example, to draw national boundaries with 1p thickness black lines use borders="1/1p,black". You can draw multiple boundaries by passing in a list to borders.



<IPython.core.display.Image object>

import pygmt

fig = pygmt.Figure()
# Make a Sinusoidal projection map of the Americas with automatic annotations, ticks and gridlines
fig.basemap(region=[-150, -30, -60, 60], projection="I-90/15c", frame="afg")
# Plot each level of the boundaries dataset with a different color.
fig.coast(borders=["1/0.5p,black", "2/0.5p,red", "3/0.5p,blue"], land="gray")

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