Figure.savefig(self, fname, transparent=False, crop=True, anti_alias=True, show=False, **kwargs)[source]

Save the figure to a file.

This method implements a matplotlib-like interface for psconvert.

Supported formats: PNG (.png), JPEG (.jpg), PDF (.pdf), BMP (.bmp), TIFF (.tif), EPS (.eps), and KML (.kml). The KML output generates a companion PNG file.

You can pass in any keyword arguments that psconvert accepts.


The desired figure file name, including the extension. See the list of supported formats and their extensions above.


If True, will use a transparent background for the figure. Only valid for PNG format.


If True, will crop the figure canvas (page) to the plot area.

anti_alias: bool

If True, will use anti aliasing when creating raster images (PNG, JPG, TIf). More specifically, uses options Qt=2, Qg=2 in psconvert. Ignored if creating vector graphics. Overrides values of Qt and Qg passed in through kwargs.

show: bool

If True, will open the figure in an external viewer.


Set raster resolution in dpi. Default is 720 for PDF, 300 for others.