The pygmt.Figure.inset method adds an inset figure inside a larger figure. The function is called using a with statement, and its position, box, offset, and margin parameters are set. Within the with statement, PyGMT plotting functions can be called that add to the inset figure.



<IPython.core.display.Image object>

import pygmt

fig = pygmt.Figure()
# Create the primary figure, setting the region to Madagascar, the land color to
# "brown", the water to "lightblue", the shorelines width to "thin", and adding a frame
fig.coast(region="MG+r2", land="brown", water="lightblue", shorelines="thin", frame="a")
# Create an inset, setting the position to top left, the width to 3.5 centimeters, and
# the x- and y-offsets to 0.2 centimeters. The margin is set to 0, and the border is "green".
with fig.inset(position="jTL+w3.5c+o0.2c", margin=0, box="+pgreen"):
    # Create a figure in the inset using coast. This example uses the azimuthal
    # orthogonal projection centered at 47E, 20S. The land is set to "gray" and
    # Madagascar is highlighted in "red".
        region="g", projection="G47/-20/3.5c", land="gray", water="white", dcw="MG+gred"

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