Figure.grdcontour(self, grid, **kwargs)

Convert grids or images to contours and plot them on maps

Takes a grid file name or an xarray.DataArray object as input.

Full option list at


  • A = annotation
  • B = frame
  • C = interval
  • G = label_placement
  • J = projection
  • L = limit
  • Q = cut
  • R = region
  • S = resample
  • U = logo
  • W = pen
grid : str or xarray.DataArray

The file name of the input grid or the grid loaded as a DataArray.

C : str or int

Specify the contour lines to generate.

  • The filename of a CPT file where the color boundaries will be used as contour levels.
  • The filename of a 2 (or 3) column file containing the contour levels (col 1), (C)ontour or (A)nnotate (col 2), and optional angle (col 3)
  • A fixed contour interval cont_int or a single contour with +[cont_int]
A : str, int, or list

Specify or disable annotated contour levels, modifies annotated contours specified in -C.

  • Specify a fixed annotation interval annot_int or a single annotation level +[annot_int]
  • Disable all annotation with '-'
  • Optional label modifiers can be specified as a single string '[annot_int]+e' or with a list of options ([annot_int], 'e', 'f10p', 'gred').
L : str or list of 2 ints

Do no draw contours below low or above high, specify as string '[low]/[high]' or list [low,high].

Q : string or int

Do not draw contours with less than cut number of points.

S : string or int

Resample smoothing factor.

J : str

Required if this is the first plot command. Select map projection.

R : str or list

Required if this is the first plot command. 'xmin/xmax/ymin/ymax[+r][+uunit]'. Specify the region of interest.

B : str

Set map boundary frame and axes attributes.

G : str

Select color or pattern for filling of symbols or polygons. Default is no fill.

W : str

Set pen attributes for lines or the outline of symbols.