Figure.grdcontour(self, grid, **kwargs)

Convert grids or images to contours and plot them on maps

Takes a grid file name or an xarray.DataArray object as input.

Full option list at


  • A = annotation

  • B = frame

  • C = interval

  • G = label_placement

  • J = projection

  • L = limit

  • Q = cut

  • R = region

  • S = resample

  • U = logo

  • W = pen

gridstr or xarray.DataArray

The file name of the input grid or the grid loaded as a DataArray.

Cstr or int

Specify the contour lines to generate.

  • The filename of a CPT file where the color boundaries will be used as contour levels.

  • The filename of a 2 (or 3) column file containing the contour levels (col 1), (C)ontour or (A)nnotate (col 2), and optional angle (col 3)

  • A fixed contour interval cont_int or a single contour with +[cont_int]

Astr, int, or list

Specify or disable annotated contour levels, modifies annotated contours specified in -C.

  • Specify a fixed annotation interval annot_int or a single annotation level +[annot_int]

  • Disable all annotation with '-'

  • Optional label modifiers can be specified as a single string '[annot_int]+e' or with a list of options ([annot_int], 'e', 'f10p', 'gred').

Lstr or list of 2 ints

Do no draw contours below low or above high, specify as string '[low]/[high]' or list [low,high].

Qstring or int

Do not draw contours with less than cut number of points.

Sstring or int

Resample smoothing factor.


Required if this is the first plot command. Select map projection.

Rstr or list

Required if this is the first plot command. 'xmin/xmax/ymin/ymax[+r][+uunit]'. Specify the region of interest.


Set map boundary frame and axes attributes.


Select color or pattern for filling of symbols or polygons. Default is no fill.


Set pen attributes for lines or the outline of symbols.