Eckert IV

The Eckert IV projection, presented by the German cartographer Max Eckert-Greiffendorff in 1906, is a pseudo-cylindrical equal-area projection. Central meridian and all parallels are straight lines; other meridians are equally spaced elliptical arcs. The scale is true along latitude 40°30’.

kf[lon0/]scale or Kf[lon0/]width

The projection is set with kf or Kf. The central meridian is set with the optional lon0, and the figure size is set with scale or width.

misc eckertIV
import pygmt

fig = pygmt.Figure()
# Use region "d" to specify global region (-180/180/-90/90)
fig.coast(region="d", projection="Kf12c", land="ivory", water="bisque4", frame="afg")

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