Cylindrical equidistant

This simple cylindrical projection is really a linear scaling of longitudes and latitudes. The most common form is the Plate Carrée projection, where the scaling of longitudes and latitudes is the same. All meridians and parallels are straight lines.

q[lon0/[lat0/]]scale or Q[lon0/[lat0/]]width

The projection is set with q or Q, and the figure size is set with scale or width. Optionally, the central meridian can be set with lon0 [Default is the middle of the map]. Optionally, the standard parallel can be set with lat0 [Default is the equator]. When supplied, the central meridian must be supplied as well.

cyl equidistant
import pygmt

fig = pygmt.Figure()
# Use region "d" to specify global region (-180/180/-90/90)

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