Cylindrical Stereographic

The cylindrical stereographic projections are certainly not as notable as other cylindrical projections, but are still used because of their relative simplicity and their ability to overcome some of the downsides of other cylindrical projections, like extreme distortions of the higher latitudes. The stereographic projections are perspective projections, projecting the sphere onto a cylinder in the direction of the antipodal point on the equator. The cylinder crosses the sphere at two standard parallels, equidistant from the equator.

cyl_stere/[lon0/[lat0/]]scale or Cyl_stere/[lon0/[lat0/]]width

The projection is set with cyl_stere or Cyl_stere. The central meridian is set by the optional lon0, and the figure size is set with scale or width.

The standard parallel is typically one of these (but can be any value):

  • 66.159467 - Miller’s modified Gall

  • 55 - Kamenetskiy’s First

  • 45 - Gall’s Stereographic

  • 30 - Bolshoi Sovietskii Atlas Mira or Kamenetskiy’s Second

  • 0 - Braun’s Cylindrical

cyl stereographic
import pygmt

fig = pygmt.Figure()
fig.coast(region="g", frame="afg", land="gray", projection="Cyl_stere/30/-20/12c")

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